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The tallest residential building w in Poland - 212 metres tall

Unique / Unrivalled / Timeless / Ensuring the safety of capital

Sky Tower was created to amaze and provide its residents with the highest comfort. It is a pioneer that bravely sets new directions. Modern and superbly equipped, it has become a symbol of new, dynamic Wrocław - the city whose role in Europe constantly increases.

Looking out of its windows, you can see the marvellous scenery of a vibrant agglomeration. Due to its excellent location, the chosen ones already call it a home, and many others - a landmark and a meeting place.

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Floor area of the Biggest Apartment
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Live in the clouds

SKY TOWER, located in the heart of Wrocław, answers the needs of the modern inhabitants who enjoy charming qualities of the city. Acclaimed interior architects provided Sky Tower with high-standard apartments by fusing sophisticated design, comfort, functionality and ergonomics in each and every room.

Selected apartments feature spacious terraces which give the residents the opportunity to enjoy open space. This space may be freely shaped and adapted by combining individual apartments.

Breath-taking views: sunrises and sunsets, together with vibrant city life can be admired from each apartment through glazed walls, which, at the highest floors of SKY TOWER, seem to touch the sky.

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